LES PAUL  Chasing Sound !

The Life and Times of a Music Legend


Feature Documentary




A Special Commemorative Edition of Les Paul's Final Performances


Concert Film




 Les Paul was the Godfather of the electric guitar. Inventor of multi-track recording, overdubbing, reverb, and echo.

 Music as we know it would literally not be possible without the recording processes he pioneered.

 His virtuosic playing, and the mythical Gibson electric guitar that bears his name, inspired the legends of the rock & roll revolution.

 These award-winning programs are regarded as the definitive and final portraits of this musician, inventor, and American legend.

  Both capture the late Les Paul in his final ribald and roasting-toasting performances, hilarious interviews, and a privileged behind-the-scenes tour of his museum-like New Jersey home

 Strap in for a ride with  this larger-than-life 90-year old as he plays his standing Monday night at a joint in Manhattan and tells his own rags-to riches story, joined by a cast of legendary musicians, admirers, and industry insiders.

"He could burn the frets right off a guitar"  - Steve Miller

"He put the tools in our hands"  - Keith Richards

"...he's The Source."  - Anderson Cooper, CNN

"... still The Man."     - Los Angeles Times

"...he's the Boss!"    - B.B. King







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